The Building

After a significant gift from the Dr. Ezekiel R. & Edna Wattis Dumke Foundation, we are thrilled to be moved into our flagship exhibition space and contemporary art center in the historic Monarch building at 455 25th Street in Ogden.

This multi-use space serves as a creative influence for our community as we draw artists from all over the world for exhibitions and interactive programming. Our hope is that our Art Center becomes a nationally recognized facility that will engage our local artists with the wider contemporary art world.

111820 OCA Gallery 06.JPG

Main Gallery

The main gallery will be filled with flexible walls for use as a gallery that is ever-changing. The exhibit space is designed to make use of all the space-- 20 vertical feet and reinforced sheer walls mean that we can hang, cantilever and suspend artwork in all spaces and from all angles of the exhibit space.

Digital Art Room

Next to the main gallery and adjacent to the information booth will be the VR/ AR space that will provide patrons with immersive art experiences created with light, sound, color, experience, and of course, virtual and augmented reality.

111820 OCA Gallery 51.JPG

2nd Floor Gallery

Follow the stairs up to the mezzanine to another gallery space that offers an addition to our main gallery exhibitions and/or the ability to host multiple exhibitions at the same time.

Artist Lofts

Adjacent to the 2nd floor gallery, you will find two artist lofts that will be utilized for OCA's Artist-in-Residence program.