Our Mission

OGDEN CONTEMPORARY ARTS creates and shares globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advanced arts programing. 

Our Vision

OGDEN CONTEMPORARY ARTS inspires local and regional artists through active involvement with the international contemporary art community. OCA strives to be viewed as a credible and internationally respected art establishment; while empowering artists with the facilities, environment and experience to excel in their medium and enrich their lives. 


"OCA has proven itself to be among the most important contemporary arts organizations in Utah. It is providing multiple platforms and venues for innovative, important, community-engaged art. Equally important, it is making contemporary art accessible and thereby growing an informed and educated arts audience in the state. I have worked with curators and arts venues throughout the U.S. and internationally and working with OCA has been one of my best experiences yet. Venessa provided the support and freedom necessary for me to create a vulnerable piece that commented on our current reality. I thoroughly appreciated working with her as well as with videographer, Dylan Totaro, and photographer, Cam McLeod."

- Beth Krensky, Artist

"As someone who has been involved in the arts professionally for over 25 years as an artist, curator, educator, arts administrator, and community organizer, it’s been a wonderful experience working with Ogden Contemporary Arts. I’ve been impressed with OCA’s commitment to supporting local and national artists and engaging audiences in meaningful ways, even/especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. From the moment of first contact to the completion of our contract, I felt supported in every detail of my project -- clear communication and expectations, support of my creative vision, working with professional writers and videographers, pr & marketing, and the opportunity to engage and interact with our audience. Venessa Castagnoli has been refreshing to work with. She is professional, thoughtful, and as an artist herself, understands the needs of artists, including that we need to get paid for our time, work and creativity. Venessa is not afraid to seek out artists that are making challenging and meaningful work that will push audiences to expand their understanding of what art can be and what it can do. That is the role of contemporary art. It takes an experienced and sensible leader like Venessa to know how to create safe environments for communities to access and learn about art. Your organization’s ability to attract great artists will depend almost entirely on your reputation and whom you’ve worked with before. Whatever you do, prioritize a diversity of artistic voices. As a Mexican immigrant who has had the privilege of presenting my work nationally and internationally, I’m proud and grateful to be one of the first artists to be supported by OCA, a young and promising contemporary arts organization with a bright future." 

- Jorge Rojas, Artist